Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> Students work in groups or as a whole class to ask each other simple questions - the answers to which contain relative clauses. A communicative way of practising what can be a dull grammatical point.

Relative Clause Flashcards


Distribute these flashcards among your students. They then ask each other questions with the intent of practising relative clauses:

Target Language:

Q: What is a cow?
A: It's an animal that eats grass and produces milk.

Q: What is Dallas?
A: It's a place where JFK was killed in 1963.

Who is George Bush? Who is Mick Jagger? Who is Mel Gibson?
Who is Napoleon? Who is Charles Darwin? Who is Albert Einstein?
What is New York? What is Paris? What is Beijing?
What is a computer? What is a camera? What is a video recorder?
What is torch? What is an envelope? What is a key?
What is a bear? What is a tiger? What is an emu? Premium

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