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Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> Students try and agree on the best way to look for a new job in order to help their friend out. Functional English practiced.

Finding A Job


Pre-teaching should concentrate on the following:

Structure: should, other modals, comparatives
Vocabulary: economy, world of work
Functions: Deciding, Agreeing, Disagreeing, Suggesting

Students are put into small groups of two, maximum three students. The two or three students are given different roles and the visual aids to help them in their discussions.


Your friend Caroline has recently lost her job that she had from when she left school. She wants your help finding another job but doesn't know where to start!! Look at these ideas below and decide with your partner what you think would be the most helpful THREE ideas.

Visual Materials

cv Computer
newspaper ads Careers Advice

Example Target Language:

I think she should ....
If I were her, I would...
What about
It would be better if she...
The best thing for her...

Follow Up:

What do people do in your country to find a new job?
What is the process of applying for a job?
What would be your dream career? Premium

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