Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> These flashcards practice the use of gerund or infinitive in simple sentence structures. One student has all the "heads" of the sentences and the other student has all the "tails". As the two halves of the sentence are put together, they are put aside until all are complete.

Infinitive or Gerund Flashcards


My doctor is worried is worried about my heart and has told me to stop smoking
My father was angry when I went to bed without turning all the lights off
John, having spent two years in Paris, is very good at cooking French food
For Mary's farewell party, we are planning to have a karaoke evening
At the weekends, I really enjoy reading and doing some painting
I am only 16 so I'm not allowed to vote in elections yet
My mother taught me to never go to bed before saying my prayers
Don't worry about the gas cooker. I remember turning it off
He was so generous to offer to pay for that meal
The internet is so big, it's easy to get confused and a little lost
We will go to the airport after collecting our foreign currency
I only had ten minutes left and didn't manage to finish the exam
We think that we are too young to get married so we have decided to wait until next year Premium

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