Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> Students ask each other questions using these flashcards which focus on both the first and second conditionals.

First and Second Conditional Flashcards


If you saw a mouse in your kitchen tonight?
If it rains all weekend?
If there is nothing in your fridge when you get home tonight?
If you get a lot of English homework tonight?
If you found a lot of extra money in your bank account?
If your television is broken tonight?
If you were asked to give a big speech in front of a thousand people?
If your English lesson is cancelled next week?
If you were invited to a karaoke bar?
If a tiger came into the classroom NOW!!!!
If you have a big headache tomorrow morning?
If you got an e-mail titled "I Love You!!"?
If your best friend forgets your birthday this year?
If the weather is bad this summer?
If you found a purse on the beach with 300 dollars in...and an identity card?
If you: lost your job tomorrow? OR were expelled from school/university tomorrow?
If you won 57 million on the lottery?
If you are invited to the cinema on Saturday night?
If you found a beer bottle with a genie inside?
If your teacher falls asleep in this lesson?
If you spoke perfect English?
If you oversleep tomorrow morning?
If you met your English teacher drunk in a pub on Saturday night? Premium

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