Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> The students' friend, Tom, say he is too fat and wants suggestions on what he could do to lose weight. Practice of modals and giving advice.

Tom is Feeling Fat!



Pre-teaching should concentrate on the following:

Structure: should, comparatives
Vocabulary: Medical/Health words.
Functions: Giving Advice, Deciding, Agreeing, Disagreeing.

Students are put into small groups of two, maximum three students. The two or three students are given different roles and the visual aids to help them in their discussions.


Your friend Tom says he is too fat and has asked you for some suggestions for things he could do to help him lose weight. Discuss together these possibilities and decide on two things that Tom could do.

Visual Materials

pills doctor
good food cigarettes
running hamburger
tv health books

Example Target Language:

I think Tom should ....
Why doesn't he try...
What about
He mustn't...

Follow Up:

Should we be happier with how our bodies are?
Do people put too much emphasis on physical appearance?
You are what you eat - do you agree? Premium

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