Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> Role play which practices functional English such as agreeing and disagreeing. Here, student talk about what new facilities should be added to their English school.

Addition to Your English School



Pre-teaching should concentrate on the following:

Structure: conditionals, should, other modals, comparatives
Vocabulary: educational/school words
Functions: Deciding, Agreeing, Disagreeing, Arguing a Point

Students are put into small groups of two, maximum three students. The two or three students are given different roles and the visual aids to help them in their discussions.


Your English school has some extra money from last year's budget and has asked the students to vote on what can be purchased with this money. There is enough money to buy ONE of the following:

Visual Materials

language lab encyclops
computers sports facilities
satellite tv class furniture

Example Target Language:

I think the school should buy....
Why don't they buy...
What about buying
It would be useful to...
The best thing...

Follow Up:

What is the best thing about your English school?
And the worst?
What makes the perfect school? Premium

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