Intermediate Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Materials >> This is a mingle activity where students move around the class divided into doctors and patients. The patients ask the doctors about medical problems and can choose to accept their diagnosis and advice or not.

Good Doctor, Bad Doctor, Ugly Doctor


The cards at the top of the page are for the 'patients', those lower down for the students who will be the 'doctors'. If the patients are unhappy with the advice they receive, they can go and get a second or third opinion! This is a good 'mingle' activity in which the students should get up and circulate around the class.

The Patients

I can't sleep very well at night. I get cramp if I run for more than 20 minutes. I get terrible headaches when I watch the TV.
I always have back ache in the morning. I need to go to the bathroom every five minutes. I sometimes get stomach ache when I eat.
None of my trousers fit me anymore! What do you think about this swelling? Everything looks blurred.
I often get nose bleeds after exercise. I have toothache constantly. My nose is always itching.
I can't move my ankle at all!! I always feel so tired. There is a strange noise in my ears all the time.
It really hurts if I press here! I think I may have asthma. I think I am losing all my hair.

The Doctors

You shouldn't run at your age! You shouldn't sit so close to the TV. Just wear a big sweater over it.
Turn off the TV and go and get some exercise. Put it in this bandage for a few weeks. You should change your sleeping position.
You should put this cream on that. Take these pills if you feel pain when you eat. You should be wearing glasses at your age.
You shouldn't eat just before going to bed. The problem is probably with your diet. Go and buy another mattress.
You should drink only water and fruit juice. You shouldn't eat so fast. You should stop doing exercise!
You should warm up better before any exercise. Have a drink of warm milk last thing before bed. You should take these aspirin while you watch TV
You should go to the hospital for an X-ray. Don't eat too many rich foods. If it itches, I say scratch it.
Of course they don't, you're too fat! Buy some handkerchiefs. I can recommend a diet for you.
You should go to the hospital for some tests. You should take these sleeping pills. When did you last have a hearing test.
Don't blow your nose so hard. We have special pills for noses. You should think about losing a little weight.
You shouldn't drink so much alcohol. We can do a skin test for you. Do you ever clean your teeth?
You should never press there!! Just stay in bed for a few days. Don't exercise so hard.
You should have your ears syringed. You're right. I'm sorry, I can't help you. Just stay in bed longer each day.
Er, the dentist is the next building! I have some great pills for that. You should go and have a blood test.
You shouldn't worry about such a cosmetic problem. We can test your breathing now. Keep your head cool in the summer. Premium

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