Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose zero or first conditional to complete the sentences.

Zero or First Conditional Gap Fill


Use either the Present Simple or "will" to complete these sentences.

  1. You don't have a ticket, do you? If I see one for sale, I ______ (buy) it for you.
  2. We ______ (catch) the early train if we get to the station at 6am.
  3. Whenever my skin goes red in the sun, I just ______ (use) some of this cream and it feels better.
  4. I always ______ (ask) for directions if I get lost in a new city.
  5. If there isn't a place at the conference for you, Harry ______ (organise) another one.
  6. When Shirly ______ (go) to the cinema, she buys a big bag of popcorn.
  7. The opposition ______ (call) for a new election if the President wins again.
  8. If you earn more money, you ______ (pay) more taxes. Premium

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