Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students think about how and why different expressions of future time are used in English.

Use of Future Tenses


Match each sentence with a lettered explanation of why that form is being used. Write the correct letter at the end of each sentence.

  1. A future fact, something certain.
  2. A regular schedule, often a timetable or something written in a diary.
  3. An expression of an opinion about the future.
  4. A future action, decided at that moment.
  5. A prediction of a future action, based on something you see now.
  6. A future plan, often used with a time expression.
  7. A future action, decided before, something planned.
  8. An expression of a hope, promise or threat for the future.

1. The bus leaves for Houston and half past four in the afternoon. __B__

2. Oh no! I don't have any money. I'll go to the ATM before I meet you at the restaurant. __D__

3. Don't worry, I know I don't have much money with me. I'm going to stop at the ATM before going to the restaurant. __G__

4. Stop the dog jumping up at the table. That bottle of wine is going to fall over! __E__

5. I'm seeing Helen at seven. She wants to talk about her new job. __F__

6. The next athletics championships will be held in Sweden. __A__

7. I won't speak to her if she comes here - I haven't forgiven her! __H__

8. Don't worry about your dog, Jenny. He'll probably come back home on his own. __C__ Premium

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