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Journal Entry Error Correction


Look at this journal entry that Cynthia has written. She uses the past continuous a lot! Which examples of the past continuous are mistakes?

I finally spoke to Darren today! I'm so happy. I was leaving the school with Alice, then we were going to the ice cream parlor on Grant Avenue and we were seeing Darren outside. He was talking to his friend, Steve. I went inside with Alice but I know Darren was watching me. I was being very excited. We were eating some chocolate ice-cream with walnuts - it's new and it was tasting fabulous. I love ice-cream!!

Anyway, after 15 minutes or so, I was leaving the ice cream parlor with Alice when Darren shouted to me. He was still outside! We were walking over to them and it was perfect: Alice was talking to Steve and I was talking to Darren. He's gorgeous! I can't remember what we were talking about. Everything and nothing. He was asking me if I want to go to watch the big baseball game next weekend. He's playing. I was saying "yes" (of course!) so I'll see him again.

Now I have to go and do my Biology assignment. Boring!!!! Premium

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