Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> For each question, students choose the correct question tag out of three possibilities.

Question Tag Multiple Choice


Choose the correct question tag to complete each sentence.

1. My nickname in the office is "Slugger", _________
a. isn't it?
b. aren't I?
c. am I?

2. Clifdon was the place we went for that rainy vacation, _________
a. isn't it?
b. isn't there?
c. wasn't it?

3. Hayley's your best friend! You should come to her party, _________
a. shouldn't you?
b. isn't she?
c. should you?

4. The price of gas hasn't fallen much recently, _________
a. has it?
b. is it?
c. will it?

5. There's too many chairs around that table, _________
a. are they?
b. isn't there?
c. aren't there?

6. The weather won't improve if we sit here and look out the window, _________
a. will it?
b. will we?
c. won't it?

7. Everyone can hear me at the back of the room, _________
a. can you?
b. can't you?
c. can't they?

8. (DIFFICULT!) I'm late again, _________
a. amn't I?
b. aren't I?
c. am I? Premium

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