Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Choosing the correct short answer to insert into present perfect sentences.

Present Perfect Short Answer Worksheet


Match each short answer with a question below.

Yes, he has.
No, they haven't.
No, it hasn't.
Yes, we have.
No, she hasn't.
Yes, they have.
Yes, it has.
No, you haven't.

1. "Has the weather been good since you arrived?" "___________________" "Oh, what a shame. Maybe tomorrow will be sunny."

2. "Have your parents met any new friends since they moved to New York?" "___________________" "I'm glad to hear it. Moving at that age can be difficult."

3. "Have your colleagues already given money for the Christmas office party?" "___________________" "Well, we only need $5 per person."

4. "Has the movie started?" "___________________" "OK, I'll be there in a minute, just putting popcorn in the microwave!"

5. "Have you both spoken to our special guest tonight?" "___________________" "Oh, good! What did you ask him?"

6. "Have I explained how this machine works?" "___________________" "Right, let me get the manual. I've already forgotten!"

7. "Has your husband ever been up the Eiffel Tower?" "___________________" "Did he like it?"

8. "Has Karen finished writing that e-mail I asked her to do?" "___________________" "Do you know when she'll do it?" Premium

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