Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Choosing the correct short answer to insert into present perfect sentences.

Present Perfect Short Answer Worksheet


Match each short answer with a question below.

1. "Has the weather been good since you arrived?" "__No, it hasn't.__" "Oh, what a shame. Maybe tomorrow will be sunny."

2. "Have your parents met any new friends since they moved to New York?" "__Yes, they have.__" "I'm glad to hear it. Moving at that age can be difficult."

3. "Have your colleagues already given money for the Christmas office party?" "__No, they haven't.__" "Well, we only need $5 per person."

4. "Has the movie started?" "__Yes, it has.__" "OK, I'll be there in a minute, just putting popcorn in the microwave!"

5. "Have you both spoken to our special guest tonight?" "__Yes, we have.__" "Oh, good! What did you ask him?"

6. "Have I explained how this machine works?" "__No, you haven't.__" "Right, let me get the manual. I've already forgotten!"

7. "Has your husband ever been up the Eiffel Tower?" "__Yes, he has.__" "Did he like it?"

8. "Has Karen finished writing that e-mail I asked her to do?" "__No, she hasn't.__" "Do you know when she'll do it?" Premium

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