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Past Simple or Past Continuous Worksheet


Fill each gap with a verb in either the past simple or past continuous tense.

1. Helen ____________ (do) her weekly shopping when she ____________ (meet) her old friend, June.

2. The sun ____________ (shine) when I ____________ (get) up this morning. I ____________ (feel) so tired!

3. Jim ____________ (wait) at one airport while Max ____________ (wait) at the other. What a disaster!

4. It ____________ (rain) very hard, so the referee ____________ (decide) not to play the match.

5. When the police ____________ (arrive) at the party, the music ____________ (play) very loud and everybody ____________ (shout).

6. The mail ____________ (arrive) very late today. It ____________ (come) after eleven o'clock.

7. Joan ____________ (become) very angry this morning. She ____________ (speak) to an important client and someone ____________ (enter) the room without knocking.

8. Hank ____________ (cook) in the kitchen. His sister ____________ (offer) to help but Hank ____________ (refuse). Premium

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