Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students read a letter between friends and choose either past simple or past continuous for each space in the text.

Letter Gap Fill - Past Simple/Continuous


Look at this letter from Alice to her friend, Maria. For each space, choose either the past continuous or past simple.

Dear Maria,

Sorry I haven't written for such a long time. Something terrible ________ (happen)!

My boss ________ (ask) me to do something for him and I ________ (work) on that when I ________ (hear) a loud noise. There was a bird in the office! It ________ (fly) around the room and I ________ (not know) what to do. You can imagine how scary it ________ (be).

Then my boss ________ (run) into the office to see what the noise was. So he ________ (shout) at me and the bird ________ (continue) to fly. I ________ (be) so angry. I ________ (get) my coat and bag and ________ (leave) the office. I ________ (say) to my boss, "see you later".

So now I'm in trouble with the company and I have a big meeting tomorrow about it. I'm very worried!

Tell me your news - it must be better than mine!


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