Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students re-order the words to make sentences using the past continuous.

Past Continuous Re-Ordering Worksheet


Re-order these words to make Past Continuous sentences. The first word in each sentence is "at".

1. At 4.30pm, I was still working in my office.

2. At 4.45pm, I was chatting to my boss about something important.

3. At 4.55pm, I was saying goodbye to all my work colleagues.

4. At 5.05pm, I was driving my car on Maxwell Street.

5. At 5.20pm, I was arriving home at the same time as my wife.

6. At 8.30pm, I was eating a spicy Indian dinner with my family.

7. At 9.30pm, I was watching a horror movie on the TV.

8. At 11pm, I was getting into bed after a very tiring day. Premium

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