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Modal Verbs Multiple Choice Worksheet


Choose the correct modal verb for each of these sentences.

1. _________ you go already? You only arrived an hour ago!
a. must
b. should
c. can

2. When he was young, he _________ swim very well. He won medals and championships!
a. had to
b. can
c. could

3. The company _________ go bankrupt if they don't find a lot of money quickly!
a. should
b. shouldn't
c. might

4. You look very confused by the homework, Clive. _________ I help you?
a. will
b. can
c. must

5. I left my purse at home. Lily, _________ you lend me ten dollars?
a. may
b. could
c. shouldn't

6. It's wet and windy outside today. You _________ go out without an umbrella.
a. shouldn't
b. won't
c. don't have to

7. I think that sign means we _________ enter the building. Look, there's a security guard too.
a. won't
b. have to
c. mustn't

8. Lindsay watched the movie in French and _________ understand very much of it.
a. didn't have to
b. can't
c. couldn't Premium

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