Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose the correct indefinite article (or no indefinite article) to complete each sentence.

Indefinite Article Gap Fill Worksheet


For each space below, choose either "a", "an" or don't put anything.

1. Give me __AN__ onion from the fridge. I need it for this recipe.

2. Doug went to __A__ university in Canada; I can't remember the name. (Use of indefinite article more natural than zero article, especially considering the speaker's uncertainty.)

3. I bought an external hard drive for Leanne at Christmas. And she got me __AN__ MP3 player!

4. If you go to __ bed one hour earlier every night, you'll feel much better.

5. He's been playing computer games in his bedroom for __AN__ hour and __A__ half!

6. It was raining so I took my rain boots - and __AN__ umbrella.

7. We visited my aunt Matilda last year. She was staying in __ hospital in Boston.

8. Under the final box, we found __A__ US flag. It was very old. Premium

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