Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students must track down the indefinite article in each of these sentences. Where is it?

Find The Indefinite Article!


In each sentence, there is one indefinite article - where is it?

1. __THE__ man I spoke to was __THE__ manager of __A__ bank in Boston.

2. My ____ son says he wants __A__ dog for ____ Christmas and we said we might buy him one.

3. Sitting at __THE__ kitchen table, ____ mother was speaking to __A__ man dressed in ____ gray.

4. If you don't know __THE__ answer, you can use __A__ dictionary and find __THE__ word.

5. Doug isn't ____ British. He's __AN__ Irishman, he's from ____ Dublin.

6. __THE__ tiger, __A__ large wild cat, is one of __THE__ most dangerous animals in __THE__ world.

7. He works for __THE__ national airline of Malaysia. He's __A__ cabin steward. Last week, he flew to ____ France.

8. It was __THE__ first Monday of __THE__ month and it was raining again. John looked up into __THE__ clouds and made __A__ wish - for sunshine! Premium

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