Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Each sentence tail contains an example of the gerund - students need to find the sentence heads that go with them.

Gerund Sentence Completion Worksheet


Match the first halves of these sentences with the lettered second halves. Write in the correct letter.

  1. remembering birthdays
  2. teaching their children the difference between right and wrong
  3. not being able to come to her party
  4. climbing the Eiffel Tower
  5. forgetting their lines
  6. being in the dark
  7. keeping the financial records of a person or business
  8. convincing people to vote for them

1. Many children are frightened of __F__.

2. Tourists in Paris are often keen on __D__.

3. Good parents are responsible for __B__.

4. Actors, even professionals, worry about __E__.

5. Politicians are interested in __H__.

6. I can remember people's names, but I'm not very good at _A___.

7. An accountant is the person in charge of __G__.

8. Meg wrote an e-mail to her sister apologising for __C__. Premium

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