Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> In each sentence containing first and zero conditional, there is an extra or missing word.

First & Zero Conditional - Extra or Missing Words


There is ONE missing or extra word in each of these sentences. Find them and write them in.

1. I tell John you asked about him if I see him.

2. Please call one of the managers this phone starts ringing.

3. Metal does expands if you heat it enough.

4. If I will feel stressed, I have a hot shower.

5. You must leave the building as soon as you can if the alarm will sound.

6. The bus is very late today! If it doesn't come soon, I be late for work.

7. I will call for a takeout pizza if there nothing in my fridge tonight.

8. Diane is very nervous about this exam. If she does fails it, she might lose her job. Premium

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