Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students match the two halves of the sentence to make a whole first conditional sentence.

First Conditional: Match The Sentence Halves


Match the second halves of the sentences with the first halves. Put the correct letter in the spaces.

  1. you won't feel lonely
  2. you'll feel warmer
  3. you'll pass the exam
  4. you won't get lost
  5. you won't be hungry
  6. you'll see better
  7. you'll feel better in the morning
  8. you won't get wet

1. If you put the light on, __F__.

2. If you turn on the electric heater, __B__.

3. If you have something to eat, __E__.

4. If you go to bed earlier, __G__.

5. If you take an umbrella today, __H__.

6. If you ask the teacher about the grammar you don't understand, __C__.

7. If you use a map, __D__.

8. If you buy a cat or a dog, __A__. Premium

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