Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> This worksheet helps students to recognize when 'going to' is used to talk about a future prediction when it's based on present evidence.

Going To: Evidence Or Not?


We use "going to" to talk about future predictions based on present evidence. Read these sentences and say whether "going to" is being used in this way or not.

1. Hannah's not paying any attention to what she's doing. She's going to knock your laptop onto the floor.

2. Clara told me she's going to spend most of next year in Venezuela with her uncle.

3. I'm going to call you later, stop worrying. It'll be before eight o'clock.

4. The company's share price has fallen 10% today. There's going to be big trouble tomorrow.

5. Look at how fast that idiot is going on his motorbike. He's going to kill someone!

6. Are you going to explain to me why the sofa is in the garden? It's raining out there and it's getting wet!

7. We only have $79 in the bank. We're spending money far too fast this month. We're going to need to borrow again next month.

8. She's going to buy those boots because her mother lent her the money. Premium

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