Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Worksheet that looks at the different uses of 'can': requests, ability and permission.

Different Uses Of 'Can'


"Can" can be used to talk about many things in English. In this exercise, decide if "can" is being used to talk about permission, ability or to make a request.

1. I can't sleep with all that noise!

2. Can you come and look at my TV, Marcus? It's broken and my favorite show starts at 9pm.

3. I don't know if they can go into the park at this time. I think it closes at seven thirty.

4. Can I have another week to finish the project? It's very complex.

5. My new company is very happy that I can speak Spanish because they have an office in Madrid.

6. Hello, Sir? Can you just hold the line for two minutes?

7. I can stay in the building until ten o'clock, but I can't stay after that.

8. Jenny told me she can ride a horse, but she can't ride a bike. How strange! Premium

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