Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Student choose between "will" or "going to" for these future sentences.

Will or Going To?


A: Why are you wearing your coat?

B: Because I __'M GOING__ (go) to the shops.

A: I think we are lost!

B: OK, I __'LL FIND__ (find) a policeman to ask directions.

A: The kitchen is on fire!!!!

B: Oh no!!! I __'LL CALL__ (call) the firefighters.

A: I think the dog needs a bath.

B: I know. Today, I bought that special shampoo. I __'M GOING TO WASH__ (wash) him tomorrow.

A: How are you going to college this afternoon.

B: John __IS GIVING/GOING TO GIVE__ (give) me a lift.

A: But his car is broken.

B: Oh! Well, I __'LL CATCH__ (catch) a bus then.

A: Someone's at the door!

B: I __'LL GO__ (go) Premium

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