Pre-Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> Gives practice of weather vocabulary and 'what like?' questions.

What's the Weather Like In...?



Today in Copenhagen is very sunny, but it is also windy. The temperature is about 16ºC and tonight it will be clear and cool with temperatures at about 6ºC.


Today in Moscow, it is raining. The rain will stop in the evening but it will be very foggy during the night. The temperature today will be about 9ºC and tonight about 4ºC.


It is a beautiful day in London as usual. It will be hot and sunny all day and it will be very warm tonight too. Temperatures will be about 26ºC today and 19ºC tonight.


Today is very warm in Cairo. It is very cloudy but also the temperature is about 24ºC. Tonight there will be some light rain and the temperature will be about 14ºC.


The weather in Naples is terrible today. It is raining heavily and it is also foggy. The temperature is cool, about 11ºC and tonight, the rain will stop and it will be about 9ºC.

Los Angeles

It is very hot and sunny in LA today but it is also windy. The temperature will be about 28ºC. Tonight, it will be rainy and the temperature will be about 17ºC. Premium

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