Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose between "should" and "shouldn't" in this worksheet.

"Should" Worksheet


Choose, to complete each sentence, either should or shouldn't.

1. Listen to that music! Our neighbours __________ play music that loud at this hour.

2. If your tooth is still hurting you tomorrow, you __________ go to the dentist's.

3. Cathy __________ keep ringing her ex-boyfriend. I think he is with another girl now.

4. Before going to Madrid for your holidays, you __________ try and learn something of the language. You will enjoy things a lot more.

5. You __________ always knock on the door before entering. This is a private office.

6. We __________ bring something to Kate's party. I'll feel really embarrassed otherwise.

7. That model on the TV is too skinny. She __________ eat more, I think!

8. Lizzie __________ ask Bryan to help her with her studies. He did the same course last year.

9. Pregnant women __________ smoke as it can damage the baby.

10. We __________ leave too late tomorrow if we want to reach the beach before lunch. Premium

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