Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Gap fill exercise where students have to choose between present perfect and past simple.

Past Simple or Present Perfect?


1. How many times HAVE you BEEN to the cinema this month? (be)

2. How many times DID you GO to the cinema last month? (go)

3. I LIKED my primary school. (like)

4. HAVE you ever BEEN to Russia? (be)

5. DID you GO to Moscow when you were in Russia? (go)

6. Freddie Mercury HAD an interesting life. (have)

7. Clint Eastwood HAS HAD an interesting life. (have)

8. I HAVEN'T SEEN John today. (not see)

9. But I SAW him yesterday. (see)

10. DID John Lennon ever GO to Japan? (go)

11. HAS Paul McCartney ever BEEN to Japan? (be)

12. HAVE you DONE your homework yet? (do)

13. No, I still HAVEN'T FINISHED it. (not finish)

14. DID you ever PLAY football when you were younger? (play)

15. HAVE you ever PLAYED baseball? (play)

16. My life HAS BEEN very sad because I HAVE never BEEN in love. (be; be)

17. Life WAS very difficult for me when I was a child. (be) Premium

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