Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Story/Joke about a friendly penguin also giving practice of pre-intermediate grammar and tenses

The Penguin Story


One day a husband and wife _________ (drive) to the countryside to visit their friends when they realised they needed to stop for petrol.

The man _________ (fill) the car with petrol when he _________ (see) a penguin standing by a pump. He _________ (think) it was very strange and when he went to the cashier to pay, he asked, 'why is there a penguin standing next to the pump?' The cashier replied, 'I don't know. It _________ (be) there all morning.' The man replied, 'Well, we can't leave it there, it's too dangerous. He might have an accident. What should I do?' The cashier suggested, 'you should take it to the zoo.' 'That's a good idea,' the man said. 'I _________ (take) him now.' So the man and his wife _________ (put) the penguin in the car and _________ (drive) away.

One week later, the man and his wife _________ (return) to the same garage to fill up the car... and the penguin was still in the car. When the man _________ (go) to pay, the cashier said to him, 'I thought you _________ (take) the penguin to the zoo.'

The man replied, 'we did. It had really good time so tonight, we _________ (take) him to a fish restaurant.' Premium

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