Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students read sentences containing both past simple and past continuous and fill the spaces.

Past Continuous Gap Fill


1. Tim was driving his car too quickly __WHEN THE ACCIDENT HAPPENED__.

2. __MY WIFE ARRIVED HOME__ as I was preparing her dinner for her.

3. I was riding my bicycle on the pavement __WHEN THE POLICE STOPPED ME__.

4. The boy was delivering newspapers __WHEN THE DOG ATTACKED HIM__.

5. __IT WAS SNOWING__ during the match and that made playing very difficult.

6. My sister was using the computer __WHEN IT STOPPED WORKING__.

7. The power went off in the house just __AS THE BIG GAME WAS STARTING__.

8. Unfortunately, the phone rang __WHILE I WAS HAVING A BATH__.

9. I was speaking to my brother on the phone __WHEN WE WERE CUT OFF__.

10. The thief escaped while the policeman __WAS LOOKING THE OTHER WAY__. Premium

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