Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Worksheet to help with the often problematic difference between "mustn't" and "don't have to".

Don't have to / Mustn't


1. You DON'T HAVE TO pay for a plastic bag at many supermarkets.

2. During an exam, you MUSTN'T copy the other students.

3. You MUSTN'T drive over 120 kph in Britain.

4. Your dinner is at 7p.m. so you MUSTN'T be late.

5. I know you don't like visiting your Uncle Tom so you DON'T HAVE TO come if you don't want.

6. You MUSTN'T touch the pictures in an art gallery.

7. John won the lottery last year so he DOESN'T HAVE TO work.

8. If you want to swim in Hawaii in winter, you DON'T HAVE TO go to the beach!. There are some swimming pools. Premium

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