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Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students are given either the question or the answer and provide the other. Practice of forms such as to be like, to like, would like, looks like and so on.


Write the questions or answers with the correct form of 'like':

1. What do you like doing on Sundays?


2. What is your teacher like?


3. Question:

He likes Formula 1, football, beer and disco-bars.

4. Good evening Sir. What would you like to eat?


5. Question:

I'd like to go to the cinema on Saturday and to the park on Sunday.

6. Question:

It's wet and windy, and quite cold as well!

7. Question:

Yes, I do. My favourite is pepperoni and anchovies with onions.

8. What do you like on TV?


9. What is your town like in the summer?

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