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John The Stuntman


John is 32 years old and _______ (live) in Manchester with his girlfriend, Gita. He _____ (have) a very unusual job - he is a stuntman! Every day he ______ (drive) to the film studios near his home and often ______ (work) more than 10 hours a day. Last week he __________(finish) the new Stephen Spielberg movie and now he ____________ (make) a film with Demi Moore. Lucky John!

In his free time John likes _________(paint) pictures of fruit but he ________ (not\be) very good. In fact, he is the_______ (bad) painter in the whole of Manchester! In his free time he also _______ (fly) small airplanes. Last week he_______(fly) to Dublin for a party and next week he_________(fly) to Rome to see his friend, Clive. John _____(be) very excited because he________________ (have\never\go) to Italy.

They__________(go) to every disco bar in the city because John ________(want) to meet some beautiful women. He __________ (think) Italian women are _____________ (beautiful) in the world. Gita _____________ (not\ come) ! Also when he goes to Rome he ____________ (going to) play tennis with Clive. Clive usually ________ (win). Clive is_________ (good) at tennis than John.

The last time John and Clive ________(have) a holiday together they ______(go) to Spain and _________(drink) too much beer and _________ (can\not) walk home. They________(be) very ill for 2 days! They_________(stay) in bed and ___________(not\go) to the beach.

When John ___________(arrive) in Rome he ____________(not\want) to speak English because at the moment he _______________ (learn) Italian and wants to practice. He __________ (learn) French five years ago when he ___________(live) in Cannes. He thinks Italian is ___________ (easy) than French. Premium

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