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George Richards


Complete the text. Use the present perfect or the past simple.

Film maker George Richards has been (be) interested in the cinema since he WAS (be) a small child. He MADE (make) his first film when he WAS (be) just twelve years old. He is now almost forty and he HAS MADE (make) thirty films. George loves travelling. His work HAS TAKEN (take) him all over the world. He HAS BEEN (be) to Africa, India, Australia, China, the USA and South America. Last year, he VISITED (visit) Russia for the first time. George is married to the singer Kathy Burke. They HAVE BEEN (be) married for ten years. They live with their two children on the Greek island of Kos. They BOUGHT (buy) a house on the island in 1987 and they HAVE LIVED (live) there since then.

Complete these questions and answers.

How long has George been interested in the cinema?

- Since he was a small child

When DID HE MAKE his first film?

- When he was 12.

How many films HAS HE MADE?

- 30

HAS HE (EVER) BEEN to Russia?

- Yes, he has.

When DID HE GO there?

- He went there last year.

When DID George and Kathy GET married?

- Ten years ago.

How long HAVE THEY LIVED on Kos?

- since 1987. Premium

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