Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> A gap fill worksheet to help with the difference between "for" and "since".

"For" and "Since"


Fill in the spaces in these sentences with either for or since.

1. SINCE the dentist took out that tooth of mine, it's been really painful. I should go back to her.

2. You have worked really well SINCE the morning coffee break. Well done!

3. You've been eating chips FOR the whole of this film. Are you a little hungry?

4. I've been coming to this swimming pool FOR over ten years.

5. Those two have been married SINCE 1985. They are the happiest couple I know.

6. I've had this diamond necklace FOR a very long time.

7. Are you still unemployed? You've been without a job SINCE you decided to resign from that accountancy firm.

8. Mr. Gomez has been the Prime Minister SINCE Mrs. Gonzalez-Panis resigned in the spring.

9. Your sister has studied FOR longer than any other student in her class for this exam.

10. SINCE I was born, I have always had one arm longer than the other. The doctors can't explain it! Premium

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