Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> This looks on the face of it the sort of thing that you could only give your students for homework, but try and think of other uses for dull looking material that you find everywhere. I use this in what I call a 'tennis' activity. Two groups challenge each other by 'serving' one of the words to other group who see if they can 'return' by correctly stating whether it is finished or unfinished and then giving the first group a new word to tackle. This type of activity can clearly be done with many language points.

Finished or Unfinished Time


Now place them in one of these columns.

Finished Unfinished
10 years ago this week
last May this week-end
when I was younger since Saturday
yesterday today
1996 this millennium
January your life
when I was a child this month
when Neil lived in London this year
Napoleon's life
2 weeks ago
last Christmas
6 days ago Premium

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