Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> The difference between "been" and "gone" often confuses students. Here is a simple worksheet which focuses on the problem.

He's Been and Gone.


Fill the spaces in these sentences with either "been" or "gone".

1. Let's ask Peter about going to Florida. He's __________ there twice.

2. I've __________ to the museum to see the exhibition on old dolls. It was a bit boring to be honest.

3. Kate isn't here now. She's __________ to the dentist's.

4. I'm sorry I am not here to answer your call. I have __________ to Europe for one month and will return on the 17th.

5. "We need some sugar." "It's OK, I've already __________. It's in the cupboard above your head."

6. He doesn't know what to do about his college choice. He's __________ to about twenty to see what they are like. Now, he has __________ away for a few days to think about it.

7. Mr. Berkeley didn't know you were coming to the office today. He has just __________ home!

8. I've __________ home and the dog isn't there. Where is he?

9. Notice on office door: "__________ TO LUNCH"

10. Slogan on T-shirt: "__________ THERE, DONE THAT!" Premium

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