Pre-Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Fill in the spaces with either the definite or indefinite article or nothing if not required.

Article Worksheet


For each space, decide if you need to write in an article or not. If not, just put a 'X' in the space.

If an article is needed, choose from a, an or the.

1. X lions and X tigers are both dangerous animals for X man.

2. They said on THE radio this morning that THE lions at the zoo have all got flu!

3. I went to X Paris last year and we visited THE Louvre Art Gallery.

4. You should go to X bed early if you feel sick.

5. THE Mississippi is one of THE biggest rivers in THE world.

6. X classical music is boring! I prefer X rock!

7. I didn't like THE music they played at THE disco last night.

8. We have to go THE shops. We only have A few eggs for THE cake we want to make.

9. X pollution in this city is terrible.

10. X Russia, X China, THE United States and X Canada are THE four biggest countries in THE world.

11. There was a fire at THE Regency Hotel last week which destroyed THE reception area.

12. Kathy is AN accountant. X accountants earn a lot of money.

13. I had X breakfast in a cafe which overlooks THE River Danube.

14. When we arrived at THE restaurant, there was A red car outside. It was THE red car stolen in the morning. Premium

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