Elementary - structure

Questions Heads and Tails
To help with question formation and the structure of questions in general. Students must find the question to go with their answer, or vice versa. A class mingle activity. Helps particularly with choosing which interrogative word to use to make a question.

Past Simple: negative, positive, question
Students are given one and need to fill in the other two.

Comparative and Superlative Review
All the general rules for formation of comparatives and superlatives laid out on one page.

Charlie Parker 1: review of present
This serves as a compact review of the present before the next activity introduces the past. The texts and the questions in the two pages are very similar deliberately to highlight the fact that the two structures are very similar but for the use of 'did' instead of 'do' or 'does'.

Charlie Parker 2: introduction of past
Follow up activity to that immediately above

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