Elementary Level >> Grammar Structure >> To help with question formation. Students must find the question to go with their answer, or vice versa. A class mingle activity. Helps particularly with choosing which interrogative word to use to make a question.

Questions Heads and Tails


Distribute these cards among the students so that:

a) each student has at least 3 or 4 questions and answers.
b) no student has the matching part of his own question or answer.

Students then move around the class trying to find the matching question to the answer they have - or vice versa.

How many brothers and sisters do you have? Two brothers and a sister.
How often do you go to the dentist's? Once a year for a check-up.
Which magazine do you read every week? Football Weekly.
What time do you normally go to bed on Saturday night? About 2am.
How many languages do you speak? Three. English, Spanish and French.
How much does a Ferrari cost? About $30,000.
What did you do last weekend? Nothing. I stayed at home.
Who is the President of the United States? George Bush.
Where is Lisbon? In Portugal.
How often does this bus come? Every ten minutes.
Why are you learning English? I need it for my job.
How many people live in China? More than one billion.
Where do penguins live? In Antarctica.
Which do you prefer - cats or dogs? Dogs.
When did you last go to the cinema? Two weeks ago.
When were the Olympics in Seoul? In 1988.
What time does the sun rise in the summer? A long time before I get up!
Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa? In Pisa, probably.

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