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Which house? - Logic Puzzle
Answer Sheet
This is one of those logic puzzles which has the great benefit of being accessible to those with a low level of English.

Irregular Verb List....with a difference!
This is an irregular verb list a little unlike those you could easily get hold of at your own school. They are listed in order of how often they appear in real English as shown by the famous Lancaster-Bergen corpus. These 50 in this order represent an incredible 87% of irregular verb occurrence in English. The other 80 irregular verbs in English make up the other 13%. If you tell your students that learning by heart merely the first eleven will equip them to deal with fully 50% of the usage of irregulars in English, they may react very positively. This is another way of dealing with irregulars...I'm not saying this is 'the' way. However, take a look just out of personal interest. Can you guess the top 5????

Internet Quiz: Present
Student use the internet to find the answers to these questions. All use present simple.

Internet Quiz: Superlative
Students use the internet to find the answers to these questions. All use the superlative.

ESL Terminology Guide

ESL jargon confuse you? We can help you get to grips with the lexicon of your profession. Click for a random definition from the esl-lounge database

Picture Differences: colors
Students describe two pictures to each other to find the differences between them. Here the focus is on colors so can be done at a low level.

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