Elementary Level >> Miscellaneous Materials >> Student use the internet to find the answers to these questions. All use present simple.

Internet Quiz - Present Simple


Your group has 10,000 pounds or dollars to spend on these sentences. If you are quite sure of the answer, gamble more!

The nearest to the correct answer wins.

1. How many people live in Nebraska?

2. How old is Bill Gates?

3. How long is the Mississippi River?

4. How many McDonalds restaurants are there?

5. How many albums do Pink Floyd have?

6. What is the 3rd biggest city in Chile?

7. Write the names of 3 politicians from New Zealand?

8. Who is the leader of Uruguay?

9. How tall is Clint Eastwood?

10. How many metro stations are there in Prague?

11. What is the currency of Indonesia?

12. How long is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco?

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