Elementary - games

Who Would Say...?
Students read the quotations on the cards dealt and say what the occupation of the person is. Teachers can use the cards in a variety of way - for example, pairs turn over the cards and see who can say the correct job first.

Past Irregular Dominoes
Students play game like normal dominoes and have to put all the regular pasts and the irregular pasts together.

Prepositions of Place tic-tac-toe
Students produce sentences using prepositions of place (on, under, between) in order to try and connect three squares to win the game.

Countable and Uncountable Dominoes
As in real dominoes, students have to lay down the dominoes so that all the countable nouns are together and all the uncountable nouns are together.

Past Simple Quiz
Answer Sheet
Past Simple Quiz. Students fill in spaces to make quiz questions, then they play the game. Groups or as whole class.

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