Elementary Level >> Games >> Past Simple Quiz. Students fill in spaces to make quiz questions, then they play the game. Groups or as whole class.

Past Simple Quiz


Fill in the missing word in each question - then write the answer below.

1. Where did JFK __DIE__?
Answer: __DALLAS, TEXAS, USA___

2. When did the __FIRST/SECOND__ World War begin?
Answer: __1914/1939__

3. When did the Allies __LAND__ in Normandy?
Answer: __6TH JUNE 1944__

4. Where did __RUSSIA__ invade in 1956?
Answer: __HUNGARY__

5. Where did __THE UNITED STATES__ invade in 1983?
Answer: __GRENADA__

6. When did Margaret Thatcher __BECOME__ Prime Minister of the UK?
Answer: __MAY 1979__

7. When did Germany __BECOME__ one country?
Two answers!!: 1870 AND 1991

8. When did __THE WRIGHT BROTHERS__ fly the first plane?
Answer: __1903__

9. When did Einstein __PUBLISH/PRESENT__ his Theory of Relativity?
Answer: __1905__

10. How many goals did Paolo Rossi __SCORE__ at the 1982 World Cup finals in Spain?
Answer: __6__

11. What date did __NEIL ARMSTRONG/BUZZ ALDRIN__ walk on the moon?
Answer: __21ST JULY, 1969___

12. When did Napoleon __LOSE/FIGHT__ the Battle of Waterloo?
Answer: __1815__

13. When did terrorists kill 13 __ISRAELI__ athletes at the Olympics?
Answer: __1972__

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