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'There Is' Card Game
I usually play this like the pairs card game: cards face down and you continue choosing two until two match, which you then keep. In this version, students must try and match, for instance, '9 planets' with the card that says 'solar system', always producing full sentences using 'there is' or 'there are'. Students have the opportunity to repeat the target language very often and work on single/plural.

Frequency Adverb tic-tac-toe
Game can be played in pairs or, in a smaller class, with the class split into larger teams. A point is gained when one team correctly uses the word given in each square on a tic-tac-toe grid.

Routine verb tic-tac-toe
As with the previous game, students use basic present simple sentences with verbs such as 'get up' and 'have breakfast' to try and claim a square.

This is an empty master grid with letter and number values along the edges. The classic game of battleships can be played in pairs or groups to give practice with numbers and the alphabet. This game is in Word format. Premium

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