Beginners Level >> Language Games >> I usually play this like the pairs card game: cards face down and you continue choosing two until two match, which you then keep. In this version, students must try and match, for instance, '9 planets' with the card that says 'solar system', always producing full sentences using 'there is' or 'there are'. Students have the opportunity to repeat the target language very often and work on single/plural.

The cards are 'in order' here but will obviously get mixed up when the cards are cut up.

'There Is/Are' Card Game


The Alphabet 26 letters
9 planets Solar System
11 players Football team
50 states United States
27 countries European Union
3 colors Italian flag
12 months A year
7 days A week
4 seasons A year
4 nations The United Kingdom
20 teams Italian Football League
5 players A basketball team
5 vowels The alphabet
6 strings A guitar
5 rings Olympic flag
One thousand meters A kilometer Premium

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