Beginners Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Cards >> All the answers and questions have been mixed up. Students move around the class in order to put them together again. Good mingle/conversation activity.

Present Simple - Question and Answer Mix


Cut these into strips and have students move around the class reciting them to their classmates to put together the correct questions and answers.

How much do those shoes cost?
Does this shop stay open late every day?
Only on Saturdays.
How many languages does she speak?
Four. She's an interpreter.
Do they grow bananas in Canada?
No, it's too cold.
What does the Italian word stanza mean?
It means room.
Do you believe in Father Christmas?
No! I am too old.
Do you clean your room every day?
No, only once a week.
Do you come here often?
This is my first time.
Does your mother smoke cigars?
Only Cuban ones.
Why do peacocks show their pretty feathers?
To find a female bird.
When does the World Cup take place?
Once every four years. Premium

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