Beginners - vocabulary 2

Routine Verb Chronology
Students put present simple verbs into the order they usually happen, e.g. wake up, get up, have breakfast, etc.

House Vocabulary Wordsearch
Students look for vocabulary connected with the home. This page is in Word format.

Present Simple Verbs Odd One Out
Which verb is the odd one out? Students look for the odd one out among a list of everyday activity verbs.

Family Members Sorting Worksheet
Students sort a list of family members into Male, Female or Both.

Home & Office Furniture and Objects
Sorting exercise where furniture/objects are sorted into the correct column: home or office.

Clothes: Hot Or Cold Weather?
Which clothes are worn in hot or cold weather? This vocabulary sorting worksheet will help your students with clothes vocabulary.

Amounts of Food and Drink
Vocabulary worksheet to practice saying amounts of food and drink, e.g. bar, packet, piece.

Places Around Town - Odd One Out
Which one of the list of places around town is the odd one out? Which one is different?

Adjective Ordering Vocabulary Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students have to rearrange the words to make correct sentences. Good practice of adjective order in English.

Adjective Ordering Vocabulary Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Another re-ordering vocabulary worksheet. Premium

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