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Often Confused Words Multiple Choice Worksheet 3

Look at these words that are often confused. For each question, choose the best word to fill the gap.

1. Fred decided to open a bottle of his finest Burgundy wine to ______ the delicious meal that his wife had cooked for them.

  1. compliment
  2. complement

2. You really need to try to ______ your temper!

  1. kerb
  2. curb

3. The students were asked to ______ to do the research and then to present their findings the following week.

  1. collaborate
  2. corroborate

4. Nothing may be reproduced in part or in whole without the express written consent of the ______ owner.

  1. copywrite
  2. copyright

5. What we can certainly ______ from his e-mail is that he's feeling guilty.

  1. infer
  2. imply

6. The industrial strength of England in the 18th Century was built upon an extensive network of that connected the industrial centers of the north.

  1. channels
  2. canals

7. Can you ______ someone at the door?

  1. listen
  2. hear

8. When we vacationed in Paris, we ______ bicycles for three days.

  1. hired
  2. rented Premium

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