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Often Confused Words Multiple Choice Worksheet 2

Look at these words that are often confused. For each question, choose the best word to fill the gap.

1. A thermometer is a ______ for measuring and indicating temperature.

  1. device
  2. devise

2. The best amusement park rides should ______ screams of both fear and laughter.

  1. illicit
  2. elicit

3. ______ of you needs to listen very carefully to what I'm about to explain.

  1. everyone
  2. every one

4. The ______ we get away from this place, the safer we will be.

  1. farther
  2. further

5. When Sally returned home and tried on the dress that she had just ______, she decided that she didn't like it.

  1. bought
  2. brought

6. In order to get a clearer idea of what the public thought about the proposition, the team decided to ______ opinion in the town centre.

  1. canvas
  2. canvass

7. Sue and John decided to spend the rest of the evening together in front of the T.V to watch a ______ that they were both enjoying.

  1. cereal
  2. serial

8. Burglar alarms work using ______ for movement and body heat.

  1. sensors
  2. censors Premium

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